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Pregnancy Milestones – What needs to be done And the moment


Easy way to get pregnant Find out what you should expect and as, throughout your pregnancy.

8-12 weeks: Due and get a booking-in appointment on your midwife.

approximately 3 months: In several areas you can be offered a nuchal or dating scan.

12-14 weeks: Book National Childbirth Trust (NCT) antenatal classes (0870 444 8707)

16 weeks: Antenatal blood tests and check-up performed

18-22 weeks: You may feel first movements. These can be similar to while you get butterflies and could be uncomfortable. Don’t panic if you believe you don’t need to feel anything right away the child could possibly be moving and you simply don’t recognise exactly what the sensation is. If you’re doubtful or you’re concerned with this or anything to do on your pregnancy, speak to your GP or midwife.

20 weeks: Fetal anomaly scan. This scan just checks the infant for every single missing fingers and toes or in conjuction with case it’s actually not growing for the right level not to worry this happens to be completely routine for each pregnancy.

21 weeks: Seek your Mat B1 form at your own check-up. This form is basically the
Maternity Certificate that can easily be used when claiming maternity pay from your own job.

Easy way to get pregnant

25 weeks: Check-up for first-time mums; ask about NHS antenatal classes

29 weeks: Earliest date to begin maternity abandon

31 weeks: Antenatal check-up for the first occassion mums

33 weeks: Tour of hospital where you’ll be having a baby

35 weeks: Antenatal check-up; discuss birth plan on your midwife. Keep in mind have you noticed your pregnancy, your little one and now you have the legal right to have a very birth of your choice do take into consideration though that health concerns may determine what way of birth you now have and you might must compromise!

36 weeks: Antenatal check-up and repeat blood checks

37 weeks: Easy way to get pregnant Prepare and pack your hospital bags.

38 weeks: Antenatal check-up

40 weeks: Due date!


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